Thursday, May 8, 2014

when we stop

These are busy days. Lots to do. Potatoes are going in. Chickens are moving on the field and out of the brooder. This weeks seeds need to go in the ground too.

We try and stop and enjoy the beauty of the farm. That's why we do this: to eat fresh, chemical free vegetables. To have luscious and flavorful eggs, clean tasting chicken, beef, turkey and pork...and to enjoy the quiet beauty of our farm.

Yesterday an oriole visited. Really bad phone picture...this is when we remember we need a better camera...and know that we gave seen the oddly shaped oriole nest in our woods in past years, and hope we are selected again.

And under row cover we see the tiny beginnings of what will be carrots in 8-10 weeks.

Back to work now.

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