Tuesday, May 6, 2014

shifts happen

We had a pig. And then we had more. And then we had bacon, ham, pork chops and more. And we wanted more.

A pig went to a neighbors. Then returned to participate in acts that will help us have more pigs. Now he is back home.

To do that he had to be coaxed into the livestock trailer. And driven to the neighbors. To prevent the dogs from running away while the gate was open, they were loaded into the truck.

Dog loading. So much easier than pig.

And the momma is busy making her nest. She has a sheltered, dry spot filled with straw. She is calm and peaceful but quiet. Up and down. Making a spot in the middle. Not her usual rooting and eating. We think her time is near.

Meanwhile. Seeds in the ground. Seed beds built. Pen moving. Eggs. Water to all. And looking for piglets as often as we can sneak away from other tasks.

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