Monday, May 19, 2014


The herd of cattle is expanding. We expect one more member sometime this summer. For now they are overwhelmed with the spring flush of grass.

I watched them eating. Assuming they were going for the clover that grows closer to the ground.

I was mistaken. They were searching around the clover and selecting the wide leaves of the plantains. 

Plantains and their chemical composition have been documented. It has different properties than grass, clover, dandelions or other things growing on our pastures. As the herd moves through and selects what to eat, then calmly lies down for a lengthy cud chew, it is a calming and delightful sight to see. They know the best green for what they need right now, and have space and time to choose. Their cud chewing happens in clean grassy fields so their hides and bellies are clean and bright. There are flies on them...which might just prevent them from overeating as they swat flies from themselves and each other. And the fly catching birds and hornets have returned to build their nests, reproduce and help our livestock enjoy each day. 

May is a gorgeous time to be outdoors. Baby animals, comfortable temperatures, seedlings growing at a great rate. Lovely.

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