Thursday, May 1, 2014

on GMO's

Last night I met Abby Kinchy, author and professor. Her research and writing is on transgenic seeds and the impact the planting of these seeds has on all of us.

She is a guest speaker tonight at York College, in an event open to the public.

Her brief synopsis of what she will cover tonight has me intrigued and wanting to hear more. If it was winter I'd be reading her most recent book but that will have to wait until next winter. 

Policies set by the farm bill, what activities the federal government funds in growing, how much debt individual farmers carry, why 1% of the population is supporting so many other equipment/material suppliers...and farmers got to this point and what happens to those transgenic seeds and pollen that blow in the wind...who owns it and why.

Curious stuff. We will be at York College this evening to hear more. After an afternoon nap.

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