Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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2 years ago a neighbor with big, heavy duty mowing equipment cut down brambles all over the farm. We needed to clear to get a better system of paths and picking.

Most berries: red raspberries, black raspberries and blackberries grow on 2 year old canes. After we cleared there was only a little to harvest last year.

So much flowering right now. The reqrowth in the last couple of years has made clear which will yield berries and which are just sticker bushes.

It looks like close to an acre of berry brambles. There are now areas we can walk in between the berry patches. There are thorns on every single branch. We will be picking in very careful ways.

The berry itself forms at the center of each flower.

The different berries have stems of different colors. The flowers are similar and yet quite different.

We will watch daily from now on. The birds are watching too. There are more of them than us. If we want any it is a race to have them!

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