Saturday, May 17, 2014

half a penny

A box of these is about $2.

Wire nuts. Our electric fence was not juicing quite as strongly as we need.

Which resulted in our little herd in the front yard.

Along with the pens of chicks. We don't want them right together, cattle can get entangled in things, break things and slow down traffic.

Homer took the machete and cleared every inch of the perimeter fence. And at every linkage of wire added a wire nut to keep the line together.

Yesterday he had tested each section of the fence. Fully charged at the charger, each section was weaker than the last. 

After repairs the wire is silent and fully charged. Now cattle will be in the right spot, safe from their own curiosities.

Total cost about $.10. Total time about 2 hours. Wire nuts. What a great thing.

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