Friday, May 9, 2014

growing ducks

Any animal takes some time to mature. Ducks are no exception.

This batch are Pekins. The duck grown commercially here in the United States. A big, broad breasted white duck. Orange webbed feet, orange bill.

Water lovers.

They are still living inside a broiler pen because their pond is not ready. And the fence is not up and charged. And the last time ducks got out we lost a few. So they are held safe in a pen. 

As time passes we start checking for indicators of male and female. How many of each? And they all look alike don't they.

Almost all alike. The tail feathers on these two tell us a great deal of information. The one with that little tight curl of feather at the top of its tail feather is a male. Of the 6 ducks on our farm only one has this. We wait a few more weeks to see if more develop. While hoping that we have 5 females...and duck eggs soon...

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