Sunday, May 4, 2014

full days

We are busy these days. Not yet filling CSA shares or attending The Farmers Market in Hershey, but full days.

Weekly planting of seeds. Daily moving of livestock. Managing heat in the brooders. Eggs! Collection, packing, delivery. Are there piglets yet?

We completed chores and left the farm together on Thursday. A special order for Homer's contracting client was delivered and looks beautiful.

The 2014 York Buy Fresh Buy Local Food Guide was completed, delivered to Naylor Winery and then sorted for pickup.

Need one? They are here on the farm and at all of the partner locations too!

We went to York College to hear Abby Kinchy lecture on GMO seeds and the impact her research indicates has happened from their use. Interesting information and a lively question and answer session after.

And the pen that was missing egg boxes got them. The hens hopped right in and started depositing cackle berries. They love to twist the straw into nests inside each box. 

A spring day!

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