Sunday, May 11, 2014

dog edition

I grew up in a house where our parents instilled a respect, and a hands off if it is not yours policy. We had nice things. We lived in a lovely neighborhood in a house that had nice things in it. Modern, clean, unfussy furniture. Very modern art. And it stayed that way.

My kids were not destructive. In our house there was space for messy stuff (aka outside) and nice stuff. As a parent our family lived in a lovely neighborhood in a house with nice things. Not fancy or over the top, but not embarrassing.

Now we have dogs. We left the farm yesterday. And not just one thing was ruined.

Might need reupholstered.

Soil all over. Glass table top displaced.

Reading material shredded and dirty.

This is the dog edition of the Momism why we can't have nice things.

But the chickens are alive. As a kid I would not have done that and as a parent wouldn't ask kids to protect chickens all day and night. So a new chapter in life, life with dogs! The why we can't have nice things edition.

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