Sunday, May 18, 2014

6 weeks later

We grow Thanksgiving turkeys. It is a decidedly unscientific approach. In the brooder until real feathers, then onto the field for months.

2 years ago the weather was dry and hot all summer. At the end of the season turkeys were small. Tiny. We had chickens bigger than our smallest turkeys.

Last year we took delivery of the turkey polts 8 weeks earlier. And the weather was beautiful: weekly rains, grass that grew, and plenty for the turkeys to eat.

And eat they did. Last year our turkeys were huge!

This year, as every year, it is an unknown as to what the weather will be. We took delivery of the turkey polts 6 weeks later than last year.

They look beautiful. We are off to a good start with them. 3-4 weeks and out they will go into their field pens. 6+ months to go!

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