Wednesday, April 9, 2014

when we spend real money

Lots of times we visit junk yards and resale places looking for things we can put to good use. We find plenty of stuff to recycle.

But there is one thing we spend the big bucks on (at least by farmer standards).

Tarps. Used as the top part of our mobile poultry pens, they help keep each pen light and easy to move.

But the cheap and medium priced tarps do not last a year outside every day and night.

The abuse suffered outdoors shreds the tarps available for purchase at local stores. We order custom sizes with grommets right where we want them. These tarps carry long warranties and are strong and sturdy.

These tarps offer shade for the girls. Rain cover. Snow shelter. While still allowing for a breeze to blow through.

There is always plenty that needs doing here. We want pens to last years without a lot of maintenance. Procuring parts, cutting, assembling of each pen is a full days work, and plenty of money too. The structure needs to remain solid while mobile. So this little investment in each tarp on the top of each pen keeps the girls safe, dry, shaded and the farmers productive in other things that need done. Worth the extra expense.

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