Thursday, April 24, 2014

the wind

Its spring. Full on. Around here that means glorious sunny blue skied days followed by cold, windy and sleet or rain days. Temperatures can vary 40+ degrees in 24 hours.

The wind can be so extreme on top of this hill. It comes up between the mountains and fills our 12+ acres with impressive wind currents.

Yesterday it blew the top off of the potbellied pig pen. This is little pig found by the police in Steelton, taken to the SPCA and then ending up here. She looks quite healthy.

When parts of her pen blew away she stepped out of her shelter. Met Homer in the backyard with her tail wagging like a dog. Likely she was a pet before. She looks small here and for a pig she is small. Unless you live on a city sized lot in a place like Steelton. Her 70 or so pounds likely takes up a bit more of the available space. 

Luna. Is in the background giving this pig space. Watching but not getting too close. That dog is smart.

Elsewhere these are getting close to looking like dinner.

Oh yes.

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