Tuesday, April 22, 2014

parts and labor

We left the farm again last night! Farmers celebrating chefs. And butchers!

We went with friends to Parts and Labor, a butcher shop and restaurant that opens on Thursday. Lucky enough to be part of the food and service testers!

Woodberry Kitchen, Artifact Coffee and Shoo-Fly Diner are all associated with Parts and Labor. Here the butchers work in what, as a grower, makes us overjoyed. Entire animals. They know what to do with every part and if they don't know they make something ridiculously delicious up. I've been there when an entire carcass arrives. The butcher/chefs there break it down and use every cut, every piece. "I have dogs that would enjoy that" I say. "Oh no, we have plans for that." Is the response.

We offer whole chickens and turkeys only. Sides of pork and beef that have cuts that people need to look up what to do and how to prepare. I'd describe what we had last night but it will be different as the week progresses. As the available parts change the menu changes. As vegetables are picked and delivered those offerings changes. There are 24 beers on tap, local wines and spirits too. Real sugar soda. Fermented foods. And it all changes as seasons change. The weather will change the flavor and texture of meals here.

And, for us, the bonus of dining with friends. And additional folks we know who are lovely. Life is good.

I love a cloth napkin and real silverware. 

Spicy salad of radishes. Another had milder greens and cheeses. There were roasted ramps and asparagus. Roasted broccoli too.

An assortment of in house prepared meats. These were delicious. And I'm not usually a fan, but these taste great

Ham hock. Slaw. Cauliflower.

We look forward to returning. There is something to a love of food that calls us back. Wonderful to see this available in restaurants.

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