Tuesday, April 1, 2014

clear up

Right now on farm we are planting, watering and weeding as we prepare for the launch of our CSA vegetable shares in mid-May. So daily activities don't vary too much.

While we pull up weeds and keep walk ways clear, we walk the farm in search of spring. Are you here yet?!

Every spring we have a small window of time to clear junk out of our woods. Hard to say why all this went into the woods, but getting it cleared out is happening incrementally. The truckfuls leave every year. And still. So. Much. More.

Wire mesh.

Metal bumpers or something?

Plastic containers that shatter when touched.

Cages that used to hold the exotic birds the previous property owners operated.

The vines and trees are overtaking the piles of debris. That's why we work to get out there and fill up the trucks to get this stuff out of here.

There are stacks and stacks of pallets. They need to be burned, but are rotten enough that as we move them they are likely to fall apart, and nails fall out.

Cattle and nails littered about are not a good combination. 

This clearing has to been done in the next week or so. After it is too overgrown to get back in there. Add it to the to do list!

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