Wednesday, March 26, 2014

what the newest dog has learned

Some days I've seen our dogs with egg on their heads. The tops of their heads. It makes me wonder how such a thing could happen.

This dog is a pretty smart dog. This egg head thing has never happened before her arrival.

We buy plastic egg cartons for nests. And then add bedding.

As time goes by there is a reduction in bedding. When there is poop in the nest bedding comes out, a little bit every day. 

She has figured out that if she gets a toenail into a hole where the beddingvis low she can crack an egg open.

She then licks the parts of the egg as it drips through the holes. And every so often drips on her head, alerting us to what she has done.

Note to self: keep bedding deep in the nests.

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