Tuesday, March 11, 2014

vegetable shares!

Our vegetable CSA shares begin in 9 weeks!

Planting starts now.

Sunday carrots and beets went in. Hundreds of them. For each of those that germinates there is a one time harvest. One seed in, one carrot out.

Monday was pea day. Bed cleanup. Weed block. String strung. No peas in, but that happens Tuesday. 40 CSA shares, 200 climbing pea vines. Positioned so drip tape hole and seed are in the same location. Harvesting for several weeks. Fresh spring peas. Pea shoots too. Yum.

Watering, watering everywhere. Warm enough in the hoophouse for tee shirts and dripping sweat, sunhats and linen shirts.

Meanwhile the almost birthday girl did this.

And outside we had some of this:

Running water outside the hoophouse! For weeks everything has been so frozen hauling water has had to happen. Life changes when a hose will transport this precious liquid.

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