Tuesday, March 4, 2014

note to self

There are a few things we always need on the farm. As we transport things, close things up, hold things together we use a lot of bungees.

Today the bungee that has been holding the garden gate closed ended up in two pieces.

One piece was a dangling section on the fence.

The other piece, the plastic piece, was being guarded by this dog. She loves plastic. I mean she LOVES plastic. And is making clear just how many little bits are made of plastic here on the farm. Many of those things have s few or many hunks out of them now. Here's hoping she has a strong digestive system. 

Today when I was out working on the field, a couple of large birds flew over. Two of the four dogs ran after them, almost as fast as the birds swooped, fast enough the birds didn't land on our property. She was one of them, and the first to see them.

I'm guessing the birds were shopping for dinner and decided to keep moving.

Good dog. 

She is beautiful and busy and sweet. 

And I'm making a note to get more bungees. The ones with metal hooks. And not in a plastic container. No reason to tempt the girl.

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