Tuesday, March 25, 2014

healing up

The ravages of winter have been revealed as snow has receded. It is snowing again a bit today, but it can't last.

We use our 4 wheel drive truck to transport feed to poultry. And food to the pigs...restaurant waste that would go to a landfill instead feeds our pigs.

When covered in snow we still drove a bit. We work to load a lot right near the livestock so we don't have to drive daily.

Still we end up with ruts on the property. As the ground thaws and snow melts the earth is soaking wet. 

The weight of the truck puts big imprints on the ground.

And then we move the poultry pens over the ruts. We position the pens over the ruts, but not so birds get out or predators get in. 

The poultry, especially the laying hens, work the earth so intensively that the ruts get all leveled out. There is little evidence of such a deep rut once the girls are done with it.

The short time the birds are on any any one section of the ground changes the entire thing. Our fields reqrow at an amazing rate, and they green up early too. The birds love it, the eggs and chicken taste great and we don't need equipment for repairs.

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