Thursday, March 27, 2014

dogs life

We had geese for protection first. Until they did not work anymore.

Then we got a big dog. And then a smaller dog and another big dog. The Jack does not count as protection, her 9 pounds will not go outside and chase anything at night. She is too old to remember how to be a dog, so princess status for her.

Jasmine joined us last summer. She continues to be our sweetest, easiest dog. She was tiny when we got her, she probably weighed 8 or 9 pounds.

She singed her back last fall, trying to get warm while we were working. Her coat was already thick enough that her skin was fine, but she carried this funny mark for a bit until it grew out.

She ran off a few times when the gate was open. She did not run crazy, just curious. We found her again within 10 minutes.

There are places on the 12+ acres she can be and some she can't. The garden area, the commercial kitchen and the parking lot are off limits. She good naturedly waits until she can rejoin us when we are in these spots.

Jasmine has gained plenty of weight since joining us. She is no longer a little thing. She remains friendly to everyone, her tail is always wagging and it looks like she is smiling most of the time.

Her only downside? She loves to roll in every funky thing on the farm. She always smells the worst of any of them, usually has a smear of some funky thing on her and brings it right to you with a smile.

So that's the dog a visitor can easily pet. But few have the desire.

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