Saturday, March 15, 2014

birthday girl

Sandi, the mean little Jack Russell, turns 12 today. I've been told that dogs that live to this age usually live longer, that 12 is an age that delineates the dogs that live to old age.

She fights with the other dogs. She attacked me a couple of weeks ago. Maybe being cranky helps a body live longer? If so, she is in for a long life.

She used to always keep her nails trimmed. Sometimes in the middle of the night we would hear her cracking away on her nails. Today they are longer than I have ever seen.

Her face and eyes look different. She does not have cataracts, but more of her face is white and she just looks a little more fragile.

We took delivery of a dry cow today. Due in about 6 weeks, Sandi will get fresh cream on her breakfast. Fresh from the grass fed cow keeps us all in good health. 

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