Wednesday, March 19, 2014

as equipment fails

As growers we use watering cans all the time. When small seeds are just planted the gentle watering from a watering can helps seeds stay where they were placed without shifting location. We plant and grow year round, so watering cans are in use year round.

I've had plastic watering cans and just don't like them. The look, the feel, the fact that they crack into little pieces. I love a metal watering can.

This one still works. I can't remember if it is 4 years old or 15...but it made it through another winter without springing holes.

The rose is rusty.

The handle is not where it is supposed to be...the plastic bits cracked and fell apart.

The bottom is bumped out and really rusty.

But if it sits just right in the dirt it doesn't look too bad right?

Still holds water. A good amount, easy to transport, spread smoothly without doing damage to the growers back, shoulders or neck. Its on the replacement list but not quite yet.

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