Friday, March 21, 2014

a special piece of tape

During one of the all too frequent storms this winter, a hole appeared in our hoophouse. Replacing the entire top is on the to do list, but not while the weather is still cold out. Right now we want every speck of shelter possible, if only from the wind!

Its not the first hole. Things flap, the winter tears through...usually at night...and the sun rises and there we see a gap in the plastic.

With the huge sheet of plastic intact the hoophouse can be very comfortable. Even on days when the the temperature is in the 20's if the sun is shining we can work comfortably inside the hoophouse. And when the sun is at the highest point coats, hats and boots can be removed.

When a split happens it alters the atmosphere inside the hoophouse. Not really warm in there, and not sheltered from wind either.

There is tape made for this specific use. The tape is sold at the same place as the parts for the hoophouse. We put our cover on in December of 2010 and purchased a couple rolls of repair tape at the same time. 

It sticks to the plastic. It is clear like the plastic. It holds the parts together again so the interior is just the way it should be. Dry, wind free, sunny and warm.

This stuff is not available at local least for us. Its an hour if zero traffic happens and that never happens. At least a three hour ride.

This repair used the last bit we had. At this time of year, other supplies in quantity are also needed.

Or maybe we can get it shipped. As much as we hope winter is over it is not and we will certainly need it if we don't have it.

Today its all sealed up again. But it will not stay that way!

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