Sunday, February 16, 2014

we had not planned on it...

We started farming with geese for protection. And they did an outstanding job. Until they didn't anymore.

And then we lost a lot of poultry. Like put a farmer out of business lot of poultry.

And we purchased a dog from a local animal rescue. A beautiful, territorial, protective, big dog. With a growl that makes the earth rumble. Happy in the house, the porch, the field, the truck, the garage. He does not like strangers, but once he lets everyone know that everything is good.

And then, in a parking lot in Lancaster, I handed a woman 2 chickens and a dozen eggs. And she handed me a thin small dog. She had told me the dog was a Jack Russell but this dog is a small shepherd. Like a heeler. Spotted. Very alert. Fast. On anything like a duck on a June bug. Loves everyone. Has doubled in size and is still a small dog. She does not enjoy the truck. Everywhere else she goes her tail wags and she has a smile on her face. Except in the truck. She stays on the farm most days.

And then, a friend posted a few photos of a beautiful dog. A dog that has had a bit of a hard way. Pulled from a high kill shelter. Landed in a rescue. There for several months without being selected for a home. Picked by a kind hearted, sweet souled woman, has kids, has many responsibilities. Who saw this beautiful dog and wanted to rescue her. But really. Who can take an agile, active hound dog? A good sized dog who wants to be outside all day, nose to the ground, chasing all kinds of critters?

And my friend posted again. Dog needs a home. The first posting I had shown the photo to my husband. We had both remarked that she looked like a lovely dog. The second posting promoted me to write.

Sweet? Spayed? Housebroken? Needing of 12 fenced acres?

Sweet. Not yet spayed. Not housebroken. Needing 12 fenced acres.

Another friend had asked us last year. Do you need metal sort of cages/collapsible fencing things. Sure. We will take them.

And today this sweet dog shows up. Poops on the floor without asking to go out. Is sweet and beautiful and confused. And just spayed. Wearing her cone of shame that almost shatters it is so cold outside.

She has the softest fur and sweetest eyes. Right now she is sequestered in a confined space in the other building, using the fency things brought to us last summer. Her stitches need to heal before she can romp and run with the other dogs. And to help her keep her area clean it is small. She will run about again tomorrow. Today she was out until she walked. Twice. While the other dogs watched with curiosity and later sniffed where she had been.

This spring we plan to be off the easy pickings list for fox, skunk, weasel, possum, cat, dog and all the rest that like chicken and turkey. New egg layer peeps, 200 of them, arrive this week. And we are fortified to protect them.

Meanwhile Sandi still says no other dogs come near me. That remains unchanged.

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