Thursday, February 20, 2014


We use our livestock trailer infrequently. Sometimes it is used for bringing livestock here, or for transporting livestock for amorous meetups and sometimes to be processed. None of these happens often.

A month or so ago it was used to transport pigs. Load them in, pull off the farm. Done.

Last week cattle needed to be transported. In the intervening weeks it had snowed every few days. Ridiculous amounts of snow for this area. And the temperatures had stayed below freezing day and night.

The trailer was snowed, sleeted and iced in. Just snow is easy: shovel it out of the way and off you go.

The trailer was entombed. Encased in solid ice. And the pathway out was all ice too.

We use wood chips for a variety of jobs on farm. In walkways for mulch. Under baby chickens to absorb litter. And in this circumstance, to provide traction for the 4 wheel drive truck to pull the livestock trailer out. After breaking ice around it with a pickaxe.

Nothing can handle ice. At this time of year temperatures warm during the day and snow melts. It freezes at night and ice forms. Might be time for wood chips in the back of every truck.


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  2. Nice blog. The weather condition can be bad for agriculture sector but you can use such trailers that can be good in snow or any other season. Now a days trailers are becoming very important to cultivate the seeds.



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