Thursday, February 27, 2014

preparing for August

The laying hens have a cycle of production. They prefer to lay eggs when the days are filled with sunshine. As fall approaches egg production decreases.

So these gals arrived on the farm last week. A couple hundred day old chicks, sorted to just females. They are in the brooder and have doubled in size in a week.

On the field are 200 hens we received as day old chicks last fall. They are likely to begin laying in March or April. Markets and egg CSA shares start in May and we will need plenty of eggs. 

Also ready to start are the mix of hens from last year: a pen that has arucanas and Silver Lace Wyandottes. 

The plan is that in August these little ones will commence production. And make up for some of the ones that slack back in the fall.

Already we are getting many eggs every day. There is daylight but not warmth. Predictions are for 2 degrees overnight tonight. So hold on girls warmer days are on the way.

And still the farm looks like this.

Imagine walking to your car over unplowed snow. And then multiply times at least 10, because of distance and number of trips. Add in the wind factor and its a flannel kind of day.

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