Tuesday, February 4, 2014

in just a few days

A few days ago this dog was wearing a collar. A collar she has worn for months.

When she was first bartered for: a couple of chickens and a dozen eggs in a parking lot in Lancaster, she was wearing a tiny, thin pink collar. 

Within a few weeks it did not fit her. Jasmine probably weighs twice what she did when we made the trade for her. 

So she had a new, wider, bigger collar. And has worn it ever since. Until a couple if days ago. She was exploring our fenced in property and returned to the house naked. Her collar is out there somewhere. But where to begin the search?

Almost 13 acres is fenced. The collar is somewhere out there. 

And then this happened. 

Which means it could be weeks until we see her collar again. Jasmine is not a wandering off kinda dog. She is happy to stay here and we don't walk her on a leash. Our dogs are more run themselves around the farm as we do kinda pets. If you have a collar for a dog in the 20 pound size range that you might not be using, she would be happy to put it to use. Until hers reappears. Which at the rate we are going will be the end of April!

She's pretty content without it. But accessories make the dog. 

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