Friday, February 14, 2014

footwear and spinach

We own many pairs of boots. In summer we wear lighter, ankle high boots. In winter we wear higher, heavier, insulated boots.

And in the past few days boots get soaked in a few hours of work time. The snow is so thick that feet get cold while at the same time sweating.

Pairs are switched out through the day. The snow is deep. And more here tomorrow!

Meanwhile The spinach is neither growing nor stopping. In this low amount of light and below freezing temperatures both day and night the spinach is not growing. It will as soon as the sunshines or the temperatures increase.

The amount of snow we have received here is evident if you look at the walls of the hoophouse behind the spinach. We have knocked it off the roof and it keeps coming.

Only 4 weeks left of this. We hope.

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