Monday, February 17, 2014

eating local. 15 degrees edition

There are days in the fall when we are completely overwhelmed. The vegetables are ripening as fast as we can pick them. And some we miss because it is hot and we are exhausted.

We like to can stuff to preserve. But some days it is just too hot to crank everything up. And still the vegetables are coming in. Letting things rot is just not an option.

There is plenty of freezer space. We own two upright freezers for our personal use and two chest freezers for farm use.

Whole ripe tomatoes go into bags and into the freezer. Fresh green beans, ends snapped and strings pulled also get bagged and frozen.

When last years turkeys ended up at 40+ pounds, we cut portions and bagged and froze that too.

On a 15 degree day we combine all 3 things, along with a little bit of water, salt and pepper, into a dutch oven. Each component is frozen solid. And it stays on the stove until the delicious odor overwhelms, and we add a few fresh greens and herbs and then have a bowlful of delicious dinner. The hoophouse helps to have the fresh greens available, and the ease of the freezer really makes eating from the farm a possibility all year long.

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