Wednesday, February 26, 2014

after the enlightenment

I am reminded, watching this video from earlier today, of a phrase I once heard. "After the enlightenment, the laundry".

A reminder that no matter what there is regular and routine work that needs doing. And the dogs are performing a task that last year was not done on our farm. We lost many egg layers and broilers early last year. As the weather warmed the losses just kept happening. Even when the days were getting sunnier but were still so cold last year we became the killing fields. Keeping our poultry alive and producing is what keeps us able to farm. Without them we go out of business.

And amazing support from such lovely people. Sunday a generous offer to offset a major expenditure for the farm, one that will greatly reduce operating costs. Today an update on our big vision, the Farmhouse Of The Future and an outreach program that can impact many. We are both impatient and want things yesterday and yet good things take time. We know this and yet...ach. Must do the laundry. Big ideas. Big visions. And yet we still need our egg makers able to produce and protected from predation. These dogs lying in the sun are the difference between big doings and jobs at the gas station. Good to remember. And good to have clean clothes too.

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