Tuesday, January 21, 2014

winter continues

I swear I was in Florida just last week. And it was the arm enough for bare head, arms and legs.

With the reality of weather here the trip to a warmer spot is a quickly fading memory. Right now blizzard like conditions are going on. Predicted high temperatures for the next 7 days are ridiculous lows.

We had meetings this afternoon and tonight we wanted to attend. Both were canceled.

Really, it is a good thing the meetings did not happen. We needed to get water out to the herd.

And reports from the roadways are full of rolled over tractor trailers and other vehicles on fire.  

So the efforts required to supply liquid water to the livestock when the temperature is 14 degrees are enough for a day like this. Another half foot of snow today. Enough to keep us busy for next few days. 7 days from now the temperature might go above freezing, but between now and then is strategic timing and careful avoidance of liquid water. 

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