Monday, January 20, 2014


Yesterday, while dropping off eggs, picking up pig food and stocking up on coffee and chocolate for the farmers this week, I ran into a couple I have not seen in a while.

Jonathon and his wife operate a lovely cafe in Baltimore. Years ago Homer did some work for them: a display case to hold the truffles that fit right into the available spot, tables that fit their dimensions exactly, signs made of just what they wanted.

Their cafe is just around the corner from Johns Hopkins University. Many types of tea, all sorts of coffee and hot cocoa, meals and truffles. Easy gluten free for a gal like me.

And there they are, at Belvedere Square, operating a pop up dumpling spot in a place vacant for a couple of months. Why not? they say to me. "Where's Homer?" they ask me. I tell them he is home, working on the farm. They tell me he should take some time off, not work so hard. "Like the two of you?" I ask them. And we all laugh, because as two people running their own business they never take time off either.

I tell Homer they asked about him, and ask that he stop in next week and see them. They they asked about time off. He laughed too. And told me to pass on his message to them: "we will take time off and go on vacation with you.". They work just as hard and as often as we do...they will get the joke behind that!

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