Wednesday, January 8, 2014

the temperatures test us all

Yesterday the high temperature was somewhere around 2. Or maybe 5. With a wind chill in the minus. Coldest weather in at least 20 years.

We did not set out our trash or recycling. It can stay here for another week. We don't make that much so the cans are not full. And the trash collectors should not be risking losing extremities for an activity that is not essential. Drive right on by.

The livestock still need food and liquid water. Rounds were made slowly and carefully and using the 4 wheel drive truck for frequent farmer warming breaks. The cattle, pigs and chickens all moved around easily. The dogs too. Except for Sandi, the almost 12 year old Jack Russell. She shivered if not under a blanket. But gets mad when we put a coat on her. She is like a cat...

The unheated sunporch warmed up quickly in the all day sun. It also demonstrated different types of glass. The one side is thin panes of glass w/argon glass in between. The side with ice crystals is thicker, heavier glass and is double paned. There is enough heat transfer to cause the crystal formation on one and not the other.

It was never warm enough to remove the hat and coat. High inside was about 65, at least 10 degrees warmer than the house. Sunshine making it tolerable. 

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