Thursday, January 30, 2014

the dog that bites

We are serial dog adopters. Not puppies. Dogs that have been determined to no longer be needed.

Sandi is a dog that literally bites the hand that feeds her. She has also been an astonishingly effective rodent killer, so we try and take her high alert, quicker than lightening responses in stride. She has a job to do and does it.

But. She is almost 12 years old. That is multiplied by 7 to get her equivalent human age.

Today I had to help her up onto the sunny bench. Never had to do that before. Its been really cold for weeks and she shivers violently when she gets chilled, so sunny spots and blankets are needed for her.

I was told recently that 12 is about it for most dogs. It is out of the ordinary for dogs to make it much longer. Even little ones.

Amazing how a gal who will snap at me when I've annoyed her saddens me to see her slow down. She is nice to me if my husband is not around but if he is here she is all his.

I have lived most of my life with a dog. With kids in the house and work and businesses there was a time without any dogs. Now we have 3, all different, and it is hard to imagine not having any. Really love dogs. Even our stinky, roll around in and eat...anything...dogs.

And this little mean one is going to make me cry. She is a fun companion (sometimes) and was an easy addition to our household. She broke the dog threshold in our house wide open.

Increasingly she has days where she needs assistance. And we assist her. And today she let me without biting me. Tomorrow I'm likely to get snapped at. Aging is not all that easy. 

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