Wednesday, January 22, 2014

delivery of slightly smaller pen

Last week we attended the Future Harvest/CASA conference. It was held at the conference center at University of Maryland, a beautiful facility. And the window of time for the meeting managed to escape snow and subzero temperatures.

Homer conducted a workshop. He assembled a smaller than the size we use on our farm poultry pen. Because it was built to order for a near by farm, it was built out as a laying hen pen. With a few changes a pen like this could hold pigs, broilers or serve as a wintertime shelter for vegetables.

Sandi helped with initial assembly in the shop here on farm. 

Then the pen was disassembled and loaded into the back of the truck. Every tool needed was also transported to the conference center. 

When we arrived there was a little wandering about to figure out the exact location of where Homer's workshop would take place. All of the materials had to be transported to the second floor, so we located the freight elevator and an oversized dolly. And moved all the parts through the kitchen. 

The pen was reassembled in the classroom, where we tried to protect the carpet from flying wood chips. 

With a tarp beneath the work area.

Lots of tools were used.

And a group of about 22 spent a few hours watching and helping with the assembly. 

Then the pen had to be dismantled and removed from the room quickly. Other sessions took place in that room. This week the pen will be delivered and hens will go in. And eggs from pasture raised hens: strong yolks, whites that whip will be had at another farm.

On our farm we use about 25 pens for layers, pigs, turkeys and broilers. We use a larger size for maximum use of space. For this pen that has to be hauled around assembled and disassembled the size works much better in the back of our truck.  

The family that ordered the pen will keep 30-35 hens. At 2 square feet per bird per day protected from weather and predators, the hens will be living the life in here. 

For full protection dogs are needed. Because everything loves chicken and will be at work to eat this flock. 

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