Friday, January 10, 2014

country vs. city

Or rural vs. non rural. What's the real difference? Besides a population density of 2 per 13 acres?

We hear gunfire regularly. Helicopters fly over us too. We have a library, a place to stop in for a cup of coffee, paved roads, schools and even snow plows. We have wifi, cable tv, cell phones. Friends visit. We travel off farm for a dinner burrito. 

The real difference? We perform our own municipal services. 

Well. Except trash. We did not set our trash out on Monday night because the projected temperature was -some horrible thing for Tuesday morning. And we don't make enough to fill a garbage can. And it is so cold the trash doesn't stink. And it just didn't seem right to ask another human to be out in that weather to get our trash. So we kept it for a week. 

So the real thing that separates rural from no rural? What happens to your waste. The other type. Where does it go, and what are your expectations when things don't work perfectly.

When one of these is essential. Not because the pipes from the well burst. Or he supply lines to the sink, tub or washing machine. 

No, the wet dry vac is needed because the small section of drain that is inside the house, but not all the way to the septic system, gets frozen. And the drain can't empty into the septic system. But comes back in the house.

Not the toilets. We will use those again when temperatures are above freezing for a bit. For now we are using this.

To heat up the area. No matter what happens, we know it is all on us. We can't call our local municipality and expect them to do...anything. As things thaw, we spend the time figuring out the causes and making the repairs. 

Right now? It's time for a run to the local gas station. Just cause the toilets worked yesterday does not mean they will today. Enjoy your morning shower. And constitutional. 

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