Friday, December 6, 2013

why we lose livestock

We lose our livestock for a variety if reasons. Yesterday we averted one, and had no losses. If it had been a very got day the outcome would have been different. 

The baby laying hens were moved from their brooders into field pens. Two flocks of 48 birds each. The birds immediately started to eat grass. It is instinct, and happens the minute they are on it. 

Each pen has a watering system on it. Tomorrow it will be to cold to run, so tubs will go in. 

A few hours later, one bucket was more than half way empty. 

While the other bucket was still pretty full. This is always an indicator of a problem. 

The one pen had plenty of water in the tray, and the birds were acting normal, plucking grass and scratching in the dirt. 

The other pen had no water available. And the birds did not look happy. 

Some thumping of the system, some adjusting of the connections and out pops a bit of algae. It had blocked the narrow tube that runs from bucket to water tray. The birds all gathered and drank mightily. 

We check on everything: animal and vegetable, several times each day. This is why, because without water loses occur, and all to a little piece of gunk in the tube. Now we will have spring eggs!

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