Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Homers idea of using no electricity to get our seedlings growing worked inside the hoop house. This year we are testing seed starting the same way without the shelter of the cover.

The high and low temperature will be monitored using a device that measures the humidity.

One piece has a sealed back and teeny tiny screws. That way the batteries are protected from the humidity in with the seeds, soil and water. 

This set of screwdrivers is perfect for this sort of work. 

It always mystifies us when a two piece item like this requires two different size batteries. We had double A which works in the reader but not the monitor. So back to the store we traveled for triple A's. When these need replacing will the ones now rolling around in the junk drawer work or will we need two new packages of batteries again?

And now, each day, we track the high and low temperature inside and out. As the season progresses we will add different seeds to learn which grow and at what rate of speed. 

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