Tuesday, December 17, 2013


We planted spinach. And then waited with great anticipation for it to grow.

And grow it does. Inside the hoop house all winter. There is no buzz of bees, no beetles or bugs assaulting the spinach. It just grows quiet and steady: more when the sun is out, less when overcast. 

Until this happens. It is ready to harvest and eat. This makes us so excited, the decision as to how to prepare it seems like a world of opportunity! We taste it, just plucked and their is no bitterness and it is almost sweet. And velvety. Greens love growing in protected cold weather and it shows. 

Our potato harvest was pitiful this year. Same amount went in as always but nothing grew. Pretty certain the seed potatoes got too cold and then were mushy and not healthy. Whatever happened to them we have to buy spuds from other growers. 

A bit of butter, the potatoes, then our spinach, then our eggs. 

The potatoes cook up first and when close to done the spinach goes in. Then the eggs. Then a lid for a few minutes to soft cook the eggs and steam the spinach a bit. 

Brie was added on top after everything was scooped onto the plate. The cheese just softened from the heat of the dish. If we had really thought it through a few pine nuts toasted in a separate pan would have added greatly. But at this point we didn't even get a picture of the cheese on top: we ate this right up. And then high 5's. 

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