Thursday, December 12, 2013

in which I do my part

Homer has jury duty this week. He leaves when it is just light and returns as the sun is setting. Before he departs he feeds the livestock.

But water is another story.

It is not really liquid these days. So I wait for the hoop house to heat up and all the hoses that are inside there too 

We leave them stretched out the length of the hoop house so the sun and heat get to them. 

Then before the hoses freeze again we run them out to an empty 50 gallon drum in the back of the truck. There is a spigot at the bottom for emptying. I drive around and fill the water trays for all the animals. 

Then everything gets emptied so the next day nothing breaks from the freezing/thawing cycle. When that happens little pin holes happen even in metal and the farmer gets an outdoor shower in 20 degree weather. Guess how we know. 

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