Saturday, December 21, 2013

here comes the sun

Its the winter solstice. One of my favorite days of the year, as it means more daylight in each 24 hour chunk of time. I love sunshine and warmth. Not so much darkness and cold.

Laying hens are much the same. As there is less and less daylight the egg production also wanes. Yesterday from 400 hens we had only a couple dozen eggs.

Years ago this pretty little basket appeared on our porch...back when we lived in Towson. It served us well for years when our flock was small and production of 4-5 dozen eggs per day was happening. At this time of year, as we are in the least productive days, it still serves us. 

This lovely basket is available from Landreth Seed. Sold as the German Harvest Basket, it can be used for gathering vegetables too: the wire mesh allows water and air to pass through and the handle can be repositioned. It holds closer to 10-12 dozen eggs, and will be used and filled a couple times a day in about 8-10 weeks. 

More industrial, heavy weight and with a capacity of 15-16 dozen eggs, this basket is put into use around Easter, when egg production kicks into super high gear for the year. Its available from McMurray Hatchery and is the largest size they offer. And the largest amount of eggs I want to carry! 16 dozen eggs fills this basket to overflowing and it is a heavy load to bring back for packing into cartons!

We are ready to have basketsful of eggs again. And more daylight each day. And so are the girls. 

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