Wednesday, December 11, 2013


As the cold settles in, changes to how we do things must be made. With snow fall of about 7 inches over the last few days, even more change happens. 

The shade/water/salt/mineral transporter briefly changes to a hay feeder. Hay is expensive when cattle eat it...because they eat a lot, so keeping it clean and off the ground is important. The herd will walk in it and then not eat it if just put onto the ground. 

Water is handled differently now. When we see that temperature will be freezing for a bit we load up 50 gallon drums close to where each herd is located. The water freezes and the top layer of ice must be broken, but they can get to the liquid water during the daytime. 

The hoophouse has a completely different appearance when covered with snow. It's overcast even as the sun is out. The snow melts pretty quickly, and then the sun shines right through. 

Today the high temperature will be in the 20's. Eggs will freeze if hens move off them in the nest. Farmers wear multiple layers and bring out the facemask, because it is important to keep all parts working. We will need them again. 

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