Tuesday, November 5, 2013

work truck

Last week I put another dent in the truck. Small, but still, this truck handles abuse. The bumper this time, the right rear when I backed into a t-post a few years ago, a dent in the front quarter panel when a deer ran into me a couple years ago.

Yesterday this truck was full of wooden pallets, that we use for a variety of things on the farm. Sometimes just for firewood. Every morning this truck is full of buckets of feed for the poultry.

I had a session with a psychic reader this weekend. She asked "what is all this coming and going? Are you a caterer?". I do carry food to people all the time, and come and go. It is just not usually finished food like a caterer, but ingredients that are prepared by the recipients for meals.

Also yesterday the truck was filled with garbage cans, filled with junk from all over the farm, then driven to the street for trash collection. The load pictured above is from the shop, lots of things that are likely to be burned or go into the hoophouse.

With the fun half pallets we get, Homer made this...

If you plan to visit, a seat cushion, like the one you carry to the stadium, might be in order!

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