Thursday, November 21, 2013

we are not experts

We are the first ones to admit that we farm because we like to eat, not because we are experts in growing. We started growing when Homer wanted better flavored chicken, and it has expanded from there. 

When we were contacted about rescuing a pig from the SPCA we agreed to take her. We have raised pigs for years, bred a few, seen pigs at other farms, at fairs and at research farms. When this little pig rolled out of the building and into the parking lot, we stopped short. 

Little mouse ears. A small stature. Big jawbone. Big belly. A tail like a horse. And then there is this. 

She poops like a rabbit. And they all go into just one spot on the ground. Each day when her pen is moved this little pig leaves a lot of rabbit like pellets behind. 

Every other pig we have raised leaves nowhere near as much behind, and it is in a totally different form. Some pig. 

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