Sunday, November 24, 2013

turkey talk

A key piece of equipment started dropping ball bearings on the ground. The sound of the metal hitting is quite distinctive and a little disturbing. It's not good. 

Yesterday I drove a total of 3 hours to pickup 2 boxes of ball bearings. The two heavy, small cardboard boxes cost over $40. 

I actually have no idea what is in this box. I went were Homer asked me to go and took the box that had his name on it. I have zero idea what will happen after this. 

While in this small Lancaster county town, I happened upon a sight that some might not be familiar with. A hitching post. 

An Amish man pulled into the bank parking lot. Right in downtown, the parking lot had a series of pipes at one side of it, and this man drove straight to it, tied up the horse and walked away. There was room to tie up at least 20 horse and buggy teams there. As I drove out of town I encountered another Amish man driving a horse and a work wagon...a flatbed...that at a full trot ran right through a 4 way stop. The cars were all stopped as he tore through the not busy they all knew he was going to do it. 

Some turkeys we raised this year are 40 pounds. And people have taken them. But we have a couple more than we think people will want, so it makes sense to piece them out. After the first one done on Friday night took...forever...I located a restaurant supply store in Lancaster and stopped for this. 

The description on the package said something about razor edge and 2 pound weight. So much easier to piece out a bird with the proper equipment. 

Lots of turkeys have been picked up. This one: debatable as to who weighs more...

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