Wednesday, November 20, 2013

salvage and a little retail too

The sun room is progressing. The weather report shows very cold temperatures for Sunday and Monday, so the next few days will be all about turkeys. The sun room will get more done after turkey time is complete. Here's a recap. 

On Facebook a few weeks ago, an offer is made for free removal and hauling of 8 glass doors. Homer heads out and, with help, loads the doors into his truck. 

He designs, modifies, measures multiple times, considers door and seat placement, views and dog access. We contemplate and switch around. The current, metal supports are removed, and the discovery is made that the metal bases have melted away. There is just no there anymore. Good timing on this project. 

New wood for the framework is purchased and hauled to the farm. Careful measuring and cutting occurs. The slope of the porch away from the house is taken into account. It would just look weird if the big windows slanted and were installed level with the floor, so adaptations are made. 

Salvaged windows from more than one place are installed. The base height is different, but the entire thing will get painted when complete: the windows, stops, bench, supports, caulk, all of it. The final porch will have a solid bench on the side facing the farm, and the level of excitement over a panoramic view of the farm grows every day. The house currently has only very small windows facing the property. The big windows look out onto the road. We are working to change this, it has been our vision from the beginning, and this sunny space will be the first step. It's always a matter of time and money. For anything!

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