Wednesday, November 27, 2013

one left

There is one turkey left at Sunnyside Farm. Actually, there are a few still outside in their pen that will be prepared for Christmas/New Years meals. 

Turkeys that have been prepared for Thanksgiving have been our focus for more than a week. We had the most lovely friends help us with every aspect, and we are so thankful for that. 

We saw last week what weather changes were predicted, and shifted everything by several days. Our work crew shifted their days too. 

And now, there is this. 

Buckets that had water in them are all ice now. This is the weather that we wanted to avoid, to be inside while this happens. 

On Sunday, at a parking lot meetup for Thanksgiving turkey distribution, my phone stopped working. It was below freezing and overcast, and the phone just stopped functioning. We process credit card payments with the phone, it had to spend a little time warming up in the cab of the truck so that transactions could take place. 

One lone turkey. Pickup is scheduled for today. Then we rest. 

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