Thursday, November 14, 2013

on the menu!

Do you know the Roosevelt Tavern in York, PA? They are featuring two menu items that originate at Sunnyside Farm. 

Screen shot, not a great image. The first item listed under starters is a chicken liver pate from our chickens! Our livers are a deep brown color, close to a dark chocolate in appearance. When cooking they smell like a cut of meat, not the chicken liver smell I associate with cooking. The pate must be outrageous with our livers and executive chef Byron Kehr's preparation! Byron worked in a restaurant in Lancaster for 15+ years, before returning home to York County and opening his own place. 

Also on the menu are our chicken breasts, served as a dinner entree. 

If you live around here, this week the Clipper York is featuring Roosevelt Tavern. 

On line reviews indicate that since the new ownership the food quality is excellent. Starting out with our chickens as a base can only mean good meals!

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