Friday, November 1, 2013

more planting

The summer CSA vegetable share ends this week. As the planting beds have emptied of tomatoes, cucumbers and other warmth loving plants we have been replanting. 

Using Homer's Speedy Seeder, we have filled many beds with seeds. 

A little sifted compost goes over top of this, and a little bit later there is this. 

While it does not look like much today, these plants will grow all winter in the hoophouse. Freezing temperatures don't deter them. We cut the tops off and the roots send up more. Last winter we had a few beds planted. This year we aim to get every bed inside the hoophouse full up, and we are well along getting that done. If you are hankering for a clear out/get seeds down adventure (that really, when you get down to it, is just manual labor) we can make that happen. Just drop us a line...

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