Friday, November 29, 2013

let the sunshine in

Homer's plan for converting our south facing porch to an enclosed sunroom using as much salvaged material as possible is working. 

The sun came out yesterday. High temperatures were low enough that Ski Roundtop, just a few miles from here, was able to make snow. When it is that cold outside it is quite cold inside our cinder block walled house. 

Using salvaged oversize windows, Homer has installed an even, level framework to hold each large section of glass in place. A few pieces needed all new trim. And the entire thing needed to be caulked and wind blocked. He needed twice as much caulk as originally planned to make it draught proof. 

The room is no where near complete. More finish work and painting must happen. But yesterday, in its rough shape, we sat out there as the sun warmed the space. 

As the sun rose, it was cold on the porch. We had not had sunshine since the room became airtight. 

And as the day progressed, we all gravitated to the warmth of the still under construction space. 

After the sun had a chance to warm the space, a lone fly appeared. With all 3 dogs tracking, it did not last long. 

We were rested enough from all the turkey doings that we could join friends for Thanksgiving. And when we returned from a lovely visit, the sun room was still at least 60 degrees, with out a bit of heat other than the sun shining in. It had been dark for at least 4 hours, and the cement floor and walls were still releasing heat gained all day. 

You can find us out there again today. 

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