Thursday, November 28, 2013

farmers eat out

When we eat out, there are a few notable places we like to eat. Many of them support us and our fellow farmers, and that is certainly a reason we frequent them. There are a few that have stood our test of time from long before we were farmers, and they center around Belvedere Square in Baltimore. The beautiful Senator Theatre has been reopened, so a bite to eat before or after a movie is now a wonderful option.

Early morning is the time to visit Greg's Bagels. Greg and his wife Kathy have been handmaking bagels for more than 20 years, and have a wide variety of toppings and fixings that go with them. They do not take credit cards and they are closed at random times...they like to travel and close the shop to do freeze some in case the next time you have the desire it can be fulfilled.

Atwaters now serves breakfast almost all day. From great, rich granola (not that dusty stuff fold in the grocery stores) to waffles, oatmeal, fresh fruit, decadent coffee concoctions, this is a great place for breakfast. And lunch, dinner and dessert too. Taharka Brothers Ice Cream serves as the cornerstone for the milk bard, and some delicious milkshakes are made there. A wonderful cheese bar too. A lovely selection of not too sweet baked goods. Big crusty loaves of bread. Interesting soups, salads and sandwiches.

Planet Produce has a nice selection of fruits and vegetables, and a jucier bar too (go around back for this). Nice choices of fruits, veggies and green shakes too.

We get sushi as often as we can from Owen at Ikan. He makes beautiful, tasty combinations at his intimate sushi bar.

Completely out of the ordinary is Neopol Smokery, with smoked fish that you would expect and love, and lots of other smokey surprises too. Drinks, salads, beautiful vegetable and cheese pies, just good stuff.

We had crepes at Sofi's when a boy child was young. He gave the best endorsement: "when I have a date, I'm bringing her here to eat!". We always have to have a savory and a sweet, no matter how hard we try and resist it is futile.

And new to the square is Shoofly. I ate there alone the other evening as was completely comfortable. I did not use the slide, but kids were doing so! I had the big salad which I loved and will have again, and the chocolate pudding which I will most certainly have again.

Really, if we could, we would eat our way through these lovely eateries. We love the owners, the pride in their businesses, their dedication to keeping it local, and the all around entrepreneurial vibe that is there. Good eats, reasonable prices.

My husband ate at an unnamed burger chain the other day. His total meal was $13, which was a burger, fries and a soda. I thought certain he had a milkshake, but that is not an option on the menu. We had to ask ourselves why...when these other, much more fabulous places exist, we are spending money there? might not happen again.

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